We brought together 30 of the world’s top medical researchers and health experts to bring you…
“The Sacred Plant: 
Healing Secrets Exposed”
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First episode airs at 8pm EST
on June 7, 2017

30 Top Health Experts

Dive deep into the science on both sides of the debate

John M.

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Which Plant?
Discover the untold story of how this 5,000-year-old plant is being used to treat and beat many modern diseases.
How Is It Being Used?
How The Sacred Plant is successfully treating cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and more.
How You Can Use It Too
How YOU can use The Sacred Plant to treat your own health issues, without side effects.
“When Nothing Else Works”
I think we can all agree that if there is a plant-based medicine that has successfully treated numerous serious diseases, we should all have access to it.
And you should be informed of all your treatment options — even those not officially “endorsed” by doctors and hospitals — without pressure, propaganda, or agenda.
That’s why we brought together 30 of the world’s top health experts and researchers to share their experience with The Sacred Plant. This is the untold story you won’t hear anywhere else.

The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Revealed is a 7-episode documentary series that airs starting June 7-13. Register above to get special access to watch the whole thing for FREE.
John M., Host
The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Revealed
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